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My Favourite parts of the day (Part 1)...

...Making the bed

I wasn’t one of those kids who kept their room tidy. If I’m perfectly honest, keeping a tidy space is something I learned later. As nice as it is to see a clean space, it’s not the reason I make my bed every morning. In the 5 or so minutes I take to make my bed, it’s just me. I’m doing something with my hands. There’s no radio or TV or book to distract me. It’s a few minutes in the morning where I can just be. I can choose to think about my plans for the day. I can reflect on the day that was, or I can choose to be in the present – focusing on the task at hand. I don’t remember a time where I felt angry, or upset or restless by the time I’d finished. There’s a sense of satisfaction. A tangible achievement, and a moment for me.

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