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weight loss starts with good processes

Man wanting to lose weight
Case Study:
The YoYo-er

There once lived a guy who loved food. He'd grown up in a home where food = love, so there was always a confusing relationship between the two. 

He spent his teens, 20s and most of his 30s trying all the usual tactics. Shakes, calorie control diets etc, and he'd lose the weight for a time, but that association between food and love meant he'd reward his good work with a hearty meal and a beer and before he knew it, the weight was back with change.

Then he altered his approach. Rather than weight loss being the only goal, he set smaller goals around lifestyle instead of kilos. Week one - he chose to go for a walk instead of turning on the TV. In week 2, he set up a bank account and saved the money he would normally spend on take-away and so on and so on until he'd created a lifestyle that supported healthy food choices. That was in 2015 and the only thing that got bigger was his bank balance.

The strategic approach we use is no different. It's about looking at the choices we make, addressing the underlying issues one bite (sorry) at a time, and setting small goals and targets along the way. We want you to not only feel better but do better, and that means making lifestyle choices that support continued success on your weight loss journey.

Away & Toward goal focus

If you've been trying to lose weight for years, you've likely gone through the yo-yo cycle our mate from the case study went through. Do you remember that point when you and your friends could see a difference, and how you reacted to the compliments? You have a choice at that moment - keep going or turn back. So if we're doing well, why do we often turn back? When we set goals, we're also giving things up and if we get comfortable, we can find ourselves going back to what we're familiar with.

Fear of the unknown can be a demotivator, but if you set targets, review your targets and address any underlying issues as you progress, you'll find yourself positioned to succeed.

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