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Resources & Articles

Whether you choose the Road or not, I've put together a collection of articles, podcasts etc that talk about processes in action plus more.

Short & Sweet
  • Do you find yourself feeling really motivated and writing up a long list of tasks to only end up doing one or 2 things on the list before losing interest? There's a great belief call Wu Wei. Wu Wei is about doing less, but achieving more. Here's a quick clip on how it works.

Longer reads/listens

  • ​What happens when you don't let your past determine your future? Listen to Queensland's 2023 Local Hero, Melissa Redsell's story here

  • Bronnie Mackintosh is a first responder. Listen to how she describes how she and her co-workers manage the stressful job of a fire emergency by breaking the job down, step by step

  • Batman is a story about a very different blind man. It's a long listen. If you want the abbreviated, version, listen from 15min for a few minutes.

  • Rick Rubin - the great music producer who's worked with everyone from the Beastie Boys to Johnny Cash released a book called The Creative Act. His process has applications beyond the arts. To get an idea of his process, you can listen to his interview with Malcolm Gladwell here

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