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change your life and stop smoking

Professional hypnotherapist helping client quit smoking
yes, in that order

It's not unusual when you have a vice, to say "I want to stop...". And yes, you might stop for a while, then start again, stop again, and so the story goes. What if we're looking at the problem wrong? What if smoking is the symptom of a disease we're not addressing?


Think about how you do smoking. Do you use it as a way of avoiding a task or problem? Maybe you run anxiety and use your habit as a coping mechanism. Or maybe your parent smoked, so of course, you do too.  You might repeatedly tell yourself, "I know smoking's bad for me", but let your feelings win and find yourself on smoko again.

However you're doing the problem, it's likely you've tried to stop by putting a band-aid (or nicotine patch) on the issue - without really looking at other reasons you're doing the problem.

We'll break down the problem space and look at why you're smoking. By addressing the underlying reason/s, you'll find you don't need to rely on smoking and who knows, you might find other areas of your life improve as well!

I dare you to find a smoker who thinks It's a good habit

The Government allocated $ 20 million to anti-smoking education programs in 2019^, and what are the results? 100% of the population know smoking is bad, but 10% still make the choice to smoke daily*

We know smoking is bad. Every person who nags you to stop knows it's bad, so why don't you stop? And, how can clinical hypnosis help?

While in the meditative state, you're less resistant and more open to suggestions and positive messaging. Whether we attack smoking directly or look at the underlying reasons for your habit, we'll agree on goals and strategies and work on reinforcing things through hypnosis.

^Source: ACOSH National Tabacco Control Scoreboard

*Source: ABS Insights into Australian smokers, 2021-22

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