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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit."

― Aristotle

What is Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy 

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Hypnosis isn’t a card trick. It’s about helping you unlock your potential. You might be asking yourself, “what can hypnosis do?”. Rather, you should ask yourself “What can I do that I don’t realise yet?”

Traditionally, hypnosis uses scripts and is directive in nature. So if you wanted to stop smoking, your therapist would read a standard script using language that sounds like a set of commands. Strategic psychotherapy is different. This Fact Sheet covers the differences and what tools we use to help you manage and thrive.

Modern Hypnosis

..or strategic psychotherapy is different. Your treatment plan is tailored specifically to you. We draw from your experiences and address your individual needs. At its core, the goal of strategic psychotherapy is not about avoiding triggers but instead helping you develop the tools you need to handle challenging situations and moments

You do it to yourself

That's probably not a statement you'd expect to read in a promotional fact sheet, but it's true. We have thousands of thoughts a day, yet we choose to listen to the negative noise. Imagine if we could change that? Many of our problems are a result of poor or no steps or processes. The goal of any strategic treatment plan is to build a process that helps you manage and succeed.

So what can I expect?

The great thing about our process is that you won't be seeing me for a long time, nor will we delve too deep into your past. Our approach is about setting goals and creating processes for your future.


Firstly, we'll talk about what you want to improve and what your expectations are. Then, we'll break down the problem space into what we refer to as 'pillars'. Remember, you do this to yourself, so we want to look at each pillar holding up the problem and smash them one at a time. Then if you're willing, we'll proceed with hypnosis (it's really important that you're willing). If you're concerned about a loss of control, think of hypnosis like this. Your therapist is the GPS and you're the driver. I might say turn left, but it's always your choice whether you turn left or drive straight ahead.

Is Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy right for me?

Our approach can work for a number of issues - either on its own or in collaboration with a medical practitioner however, it might not be the right fit for you.


Some mental health issues can not be treated through hypnosis. Also, if you're looking to deal with pain management, it's important you talk to your medical practitioner and eliminate any serious causes before considering hypnosis.


But if you're ready for a change, willing to commit to the work and make the choice to take control from today, our road might be the one you need to succeed.

the core 4

Most of our problem spaces are based on 4 core pillars - and this is where we'll start our work. The process of addressing each helps you find steps to manage your problem space. Any issue is a creation of your own doing - but it's time for a renovation. We'll address and change how you


  • qualify global or generalised thoughts and feelings

  • get out of your head and re-orientate yourself with what's happening in your environment

  • learn how to park or compartmentalise thoughts

  • can be ok with ambiguity and the unknown


Underpinning these pillars is a foundation of control. We work on finding tools that help you understand and be comfortable with what you can control vs what you can't. Wouldn't that be nice?

Want to read more? Check out the Core of the Issue Fact Sheet

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