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Managing Anxiety with Clinical Hypnosis

Anxiety The Road Hypnotherapy Perth
You're not alone. One quarter of Australians will experience an anxiety condition in their lifetime, and one in six Australians is currently experiencing depression or anxiety or both.*

Do you suffer from anxiety?

Does it feel like you've tried everything and you can't seem to escape the feeling? Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy can help. In this article, we'll show you how.

Simply put, if you don't have the tools to distinguish between what's possible (what could happen) and what's probable (likely to happen) - you'll imagine a worst-case scenario. That's anxiety, and it underpins most issues hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy can assist with.

Although you might think you're on your own, you're not. Many of us suffer anxiety at some point, but it's a dragon you can tame with some help and the right equipment.

Anxiety is something you do to yourself - which means with some help, you can undo it too.

So what can I expect?

Strategic Psychotherapy is all about empowering you to learn skills you didn't know you had. We help you utilise what you've already learned and apply them in your problem space.

It's not a magic trick and it takes effort, but you'll be rewarded by becoming the best version of you.

Is Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy right for me?

Our approach can work for a number of issues - either on its own or in collaboration with a medical practitioner however, it might not be the right fit for you.

Some mental health issues can not be treated through hypnosis. Also, if you're looking to deal with pain management, it's important you talk to your medical practitioner and eliminate any serious causes before considering hypnosis.


But if you're ready for a change, willing to commit to the work and make the choice to take control from today, our road might be the one you need to succeed.

*Beyond Blue

You've learned how to do anxiety

Sit back and think about how you become anxious. It might be from a thought or a comment, followed by a feeling in your belly, then imagining the worst-case scenario. However you're doing it, it's likely the same steps every time. Now imagine if you learned to create a circuit breaker and take a different path with new and better outcomes. Using talents and tools you didn't even know you had. This approach is at the core of Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy.


We're called The Road for a reason. It's about helping you find the tools to choose the right route and be the best version of YOU.

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