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Even problems have sturdy foundations
(but aren't renovation resistant)

What lies beneath

Most issues are built on the same stable foundation.

  • Feeling like you don't have control over the problem

  • Focussing on feelings rather than taking action of the situation - because you don't know what steps to take and more specifically, what step to take first

  • Fearing or imagining the worst possible outcome without looking at the facts

  • Not being able to park negative or scary thoughts and allowing the negativity to stop you from taking positive action

  • Assuming anything new or unknown is always bad

If you've ever visited Lisbon, the story of the 1755 earthquake is mentioned by a local at least once a day. The earthquake (and the tsunami and fires that followed), destroyed the city. What was built in its place was a city (and what in my opinion is the best underground train network) designed to withstand earthquakes and cause minimum damage should something similar happen. Planners assessed the risk and created something better. So instead of worrying or avoiding the reality of their location, they took action. 

If Portugal could rebuild an entire city from the foundation up, imagine what's possible for you.

So the takeaway is, is that even if you think your problem always was and always is, the reality is that if we address the core of the issue by the sum of its parts, we're moving towards a solution that will best serve you. A process that will place you where you can be the best version of yourself, know how to ignore negative thoughts, look at the situation realistically and thrive.

This is the core of a strategic approach to doing better.

Want to read more? Check out the What is Hypnotherapy? Fact Sheet

Have you ever laid in bed at night, obsessing over your thoughts? When you're in a negative space, how often do you forget to just look around and find something positive around you, or catch yourself taking action and before you know it, you've forgotten your worries? We have about 70,000 thoughts a day and if we allow it, the negative thoughts can consume us. Taking a beat to look around, get some perspective and focus on the positive can make all the difference. 

Easier said than done you say? This is where a combination of hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy can help. 

The strategic part means we break down the problem at its core and agree on goals and targets you want to achieve. While in a hypnotic state, you're more open to suggestion and less resistant to messaging. It's a powerful combination and will help you strive and thrive. 

"...If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

― Ferris Bueller
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