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Anxiety: A Noun or a Verb?

Updated: May 10

In the realm of mental health and social media, anxiety often takes the spotlight. But is it merely a noun, a fixed part of our identity, or can it be viewed as a verb, something we actively do? Let's explore this distinction and uncover how grasping it can lead us towards positive transformation.

Understanding Anxiety: A Noun or a Verb?

Anxiety, when labelled as a noun, is frequently perceived as an unchangeable facet of who we are. We might find ourselves saying, "I am anxious," almost as if it's ingrained in who we are. However, by looking at anxiety as a verb, we shift the perception towards our actions and behaviours. Rather than something ingrained within us, it becomes a process, something we do. This shift offers a glimmer of hope, suggesting that we hold some agency and control over our anxiety.

The Peril of Identifying with Anxiety

When we attach our identity to anxiety, we inadvertently create a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's like being stuck in a loop where anxiety reinforces our sense of self, making it seem hard to break free from. The fear of losing anxiety can stop us, preventing us from seeking help or making changes, as it feels like losing a part of who we are.

Breaking the Cycle with Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy

But fear not, for there are tools at our disposal to challenge this cycle. Enter hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy – a duo ready to tackle anxiety from multiple angles. These therapeutic modalities encourage us to reconsider anxiety, not just as a noun, but also as a verb, urging us to view it through a different lens.

Through hypnotherapy, we delve into our subconscious, unravelling the patterns and beliefs that underpin our anxious behaviours. By shifting our mindset and reframing our thoughts, we gain newfound clarity and agency over our anxiety.

In parallel, strategic psychotherapy equips us with practical strategies to navigate our emotions and behaviours. By challenging negative beliefs and fostering resilience, we learn to disentangle ourselves from the grip of anxiety and step boldly into a future defined by empowerment and growth.

So, whether you perceive anxiety as a noun or a verb, remember that change is within your reach. With the right support and mindset, you can rewrite the story of anxiety and embark on a journey towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Sally's Journey to Freedom

Sally, a 40-year-old professional, struggled with crippling anxiety for years. She identified so strongly with her anxiety that she couldn't imagine life without it. However, with the guidance of hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy, Sally embarked on a transformative journey.

Step 1: Understanding the Difference

Through hypnotherapy sessions, Sally gained insights into her patterns of anxious thinking and behaviour. She learned to recognise when she was doing anxiety to herself and began to separate her identity from her symptoms.

Step 2: Challenging Negative Beliefs

With guidance, Sally used strategic psychotherapy techniques to challenge her negative beliefs about anxiety. She replaced them with healthier thought patterns and coping strategies, empowering her to take back control of her life.

Step 3: Embracing Change

As Sally continued her therapy journey, she noticed tangible improvements in her daily life. She felt more confident in social situations, slept better at night, and experienced fewer panic attacks, and got back to doing the things she loved. With each small victory, Sally became more committed to the process of change.

Step 4: Integration and Growth

Over time, Sally's anxiety no longer defined her. She saw it as something she did to herself, rather than who she was. With newfound clarity and confidence, Sally embraced life's challenges with resilience and optimism, knowing she had the tools to overcome any obstacle.

Choose Your Perspective

In the battle against anxiety, the language we use matters. By reframing anxiety as something we do to ourselves, rather than who we are, we open the door to healing and transformation. With the right therapeutic support, such as hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy, we can break free from the grips of anxiety and reclaim our lives.

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