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How to sleep better

Sleepy woman looking for insomnia relief with hypnotherapy
if you're not getting a good night's sleep, it's likely you're in a vicious cycle of anxiety, pain or something else.
Let's break the cycle

Did you know long-term sleep deprivation can increase your chances of*

  • Heart attacks or strokes

  • Cancer

  • Weight gain

  • Memory loss and

  • Infertility

Even short bouts of poor sleep can increase your stress levels.

Sometimes, you might be suffering with insomnia on its own however, it's not uncommon to see insomnia along with other concerns such as pain, anxiety or depression. 

However you're running insomnia, there's good news. Clinical hypnosis can help by creating good-sleep processes.


Our approach

There are two main approaches we use to address insomnia.

Option 1: We'll tackle the issue head-on if you're only presenting with insomnia.

Option 2: On the other hand, if insomnia presents with other concerns such as chronic pain or anxiety, we may address these concerns first - which will likely improve your sleep.

The process is the same whichever way we go - we break down the concern into smaller, more manageable pieces, set goals and work on the tools to improve.

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