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never make a new year's resolution again!

How? Through Processes

Have you ever caught yourself saying "I just need to get through Christmas" or "I'll start after my birthday"? If you do, you're likely event-driven.  Is that bad? I'm not here to judge, but it means you don't have the processes to ride the rougher times and use events as an excuse for not taking action or justifying why you can't get ahead and achieve what you want.

What if you had a way not to sweat the typically high-pressure times? This is where a strategic approach comes in. With strategic psychotherapy, you'll learn how to create steps that positively improve the problem space and your life. If you stick with good processes, you have good outcomes. If you don't have good steps in place, life can seem overwhelming. It doesn't need to be. We break down the problem space into smaller, more manageable pieces. For example, if you find yourself procrastinating, we look at what makes up your procrastination. It might be that you don't know where to start, have a fear of failure and so on. We'll address all the reasons why you find yourself avoiding, look at the pieces individually and set goals for each. As you progress, your confidence will grow and you'll have a process in place that works to improve your life. Think about that friend who maintains their weight throughout the year. What are they doing? It's likely they're sticking to a regular exercise and diet plan - regardless of the weather or party. Yes, they might have a night off, but they get back into the swing of things the next day instead of saying "well last night was a write-off, so I may as well keep eating".

Remember all the places you've worked. Which workplaces would you rate higher? Chances are you and your work-mates prefer working where it's organised, people know their role and have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and how they are going to achieve these goals. This is a sign of good and effective processes. If organisations with all the moving parts can have steps and goals, what's stopping you?

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Do you know what Jan 17 is?

Ditch New Years Resolution Day. Yes, there's an unofficial holiday celebrating when we collectively ditch all those lofty resolutions.

80% of resolutions fail.* Why? Because we set a goal and don't put the steps in place to support the goal. Imagine saying "I'm running a marathon" and not preparing. Most resolutions are set up just like that. If we don't map out the "how", or what needs need to stop/start/change to achieve our objective, we're doomed to fail

Source: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

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