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What do you use tomorrow for?

How often have you told yourself "I'll have that chocolate tomorrow" or "I'll skip the gym tomorrow"? Now how many times do you say to yourself "I'll start that job tomorrow" or "I'll fold the clothes tomorrow"

There are 2 types of thoughts (and therefore actions). Thoughts that serve you and those that don't. For some reason, we park those thoughts that don't serve us in the "tomorrow" folder. Hmm.

"Tomorrow" seems to be where all those things we don't want to do or avoid end up. But when is 'tomorrow'? It's a cliche, but if tomorrow never comes, it's not surprising anything we don't want to do gets parked in this mythical place.

The Road to doing better is getting to the core of why you choose to act on some thoughts while ignoring others. Scary right? You've made it this far ok, why would you want to change? A better question might be why don't you want to change? I deal with so many people who on a whim think they want to do better, but when it comes to taking action, they bail out. It's disheartening to see but, we are what we do, and if we've been doing it for 20, 30 or 60 years, can we change in a day or even a week?

Here's an idea. When you catch yourself saying "What do I feel like having for dinner?", change the words to "What should I have for dinner" and act accordingly. If you find yourself saying "I'll clean the windows tomorrow", say "I'll clean a window on the {date}", and put it in your diary". Keep your goals small and watch what happens.

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