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Procrastination isn’t a sign of laziness

Do you put important tasks off? Have you taken a moment to think about why that is, or do you believe others when they say: “you’re so lazy”. What if procrastination didn’t come from laziness, but rather fear? Fear of failure, fear of realizing your limitations. A lot of perfectionists procrastinate. You can’t fail if you haven’t tried. But you also can’t learn if you don’t start. The first computer only did mathematical computations up to eight decimals – far from a perfectionist’s dream. But with each generation came better and more useful versions. We learned from past mistakes and made things better. Imagine if old Charles hadn’t persisted?

Failure is subjective. How many 'failures' have led to great inventions? Scientists were trying to create a machine to record heart sounds, but instead, created the first pacemaker.

The point is, the greats keep trying. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't - but in their actions, they're learning. They're no avoiding, not procrastinating, not staying still.

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